Automatic Mould Powder Feeder System

Automatic Mould Powder Feeder System

Product Abstract

The mould powder feeder system is used to add the powder into the mould by ration automatically. Due to this system, the powder feeding operation can be regulated to avoid man-made random problems. The amount of powder spreading in the mould is uniform and adjustable with the casting speed. With this new system, the utilization ratio of the powder is as high as 98%. Meanwhile, it is environmental friendly and running reliably with less maintenance cost.。

Function Highlights

  • This is a pneumatic system with self-clean filter, so it is reliable without   pollution.
  • A level sensing device is designed to keep feeding powder in this system properly.
  • The speed of the powder flow can be adjusted by changing the section of the pipe.
  • The powder can be added to the mould continuously and the adding speed can be adjusted according to the casting speed. Each strand of the feeder can be controlled independently without interrupting each other. The powder can be filtered to avoid clogging.
  • The real time data and historical data can be recorded for check.

Technical Parameter

  • Powder consumption:0.5 - 0.7 kg / t steel;
  • When the casting speed is higher than0.5 m/min, the thickness of powder should be 5-7 mm;
  • When the casting speed is higher than 1.0m/min, the thickness of powder should be 7-15mm; Can be set accord- ing to user requirements;
  • System power capacity: less than 100W; Powder: 220V/50Hz and DC24V;
  • Input signal:1 casting speed, 2 begin cast;
  • Signal transmission: Analog signal or Digital signal.