Breakout Prevention System

Breakout Prevention System

Product Abstract

Breakout Prevention System uses high precision  thermocouple  to  measure  the trend of the mould temperature. With ANN (Artificial Neural Network) algorithm  and  information   processing,

this system can forecast the occurrence of mould breakout during the casting process. Once the alarm occurs, the casting speed should be slowed down and the breakout could be  avoided.

Function Highlights

  • Collect and analyze all the real-time data ; 
  • Provide the changing trend of the temperature field and thermocouple dynamically;
  • Thermocouples arranges in unique feature;
  • Flexible for different types of CCM; 
  • Automatic learning, automatic diagnosing and automatic controlling the casting speed;
  • Quick Response the system alarmed only 0.2S after the stick occurred;
  • Historical data can be recorded and reviewed;
  • Reliable for continuous casting.

Technical Index

  • Technical Parameter Response Time:0.2 s; 
  • Detecting Precision:±0.25 °C;
  • Measurement Frequency:10 Hz; 
  • Communication Protocol:Ethernet (TCPIP), PROFIBUS-DP;
  • Accuracy Rate Alarm:≥92 %; 
  • Alarm Output Ratio:≥99 %.